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Many companies choose to outsource their document imaging to a service bureau such as INOVETRA . Outsourcing is more cost-effective and efficient than in-house imaging.

Outsourcing your document scanning saves capital investment and staffing costs. You save ongoing labor costs, by far the major expense of in-house imaging. You save on the time to set up and implement an in-house imaging group. You pay for the cost of scanning only, not equipment or staffing.

Outsourcing your PDF conversions also saves in-house time and effort. PDF conversion is tedious and requires great attention to detail. You benefit from the knowledge and expertise of PDF specialists.

Benefits of Outsourcing from INDONESIA:

Low Cost fee
No capital investment
Save "ramp-up" time
Save staffing costs
Save ongoing labor costs
Faster turnaround
Greater efficiency
Trained specialists
Up-to-date expertise


INOVETRA is a document imaging service bureau. We provide affordable, high-quality outsource document scanning and PDF conversion. Our professional staff and more than 200 Operator has expertise in the scanning and imaging industries.

We use advanced scanning software and state-of-the-art imaging equipment. We are committed to staying up-to-date with new technologies and developments in the industry.

Your documents are handled by experienced document imaging specialists. You can be assured of the confidential and careful handling of your documents, conversion, and storage.
Our PDF specialists provide added features to your electronic documents. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and providing high-quality electronic documents.

INOVETRA specializes in PDF conversions and creating interactive PDF files for distribution, searchability, and portability. Reports, manuals, and presentations containing multiple electronic formats can be combined on a single interactive PDF file.

We handle a wide variety of scanning needs, including file backlogs and ongoing conversions. From high-volume scanning to single reports, from business records to color brochures, Scan 2 Disc is your imaging solution.

Although we specialize in PDF, we can also accommodate your preferred format (TIFF, JPEG, BMP, etc.). A document imaging specialist can assist you in determining the best format for your business needs.

Our preferred storage format is CD's. CD's are safe and secure, easy to duplicate, and provide a long shelf-life. We can also accommodate zip disks, if you prefer.
INOVETRA designs professional labels and CD covers. We provide CD copies for distribution, offsite backup, and archival storage.

Contact Us +6221 25509999 ext 2301-2303

INOVETRA is your affordable outsource scanning service bureau. We are committed to quality. Let us assist you in determining the best imaging format for your business.

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