Thursday, October 2, 2008

SCANNING services

The perfect partner for outsourcing your conversion project.

INOVETRA Document Scanning has served the following industries: Pharmaceutical Companies, Engineering and Industrial Firms, Petroleum, Plastic and Chemical Manufacturing Companies, Public Utilities, Attorneys, Medical Clinics, Hospitals, and Govenment and Public Agencies.

We are a solution provider specializing in converting paper documents like employee records, medical records, charts, legal files, plans, construction blueprints, plans, maps, blueline, survey, engineering and architectural drawings, reports and technical manuals to digital format.

Stop! Are you paying too much for On-site Scanning Services?

INOVETRA Document Scanning is an economical solution providing all the benefits of outsourcing and delivering additional value in prompt service, experience, expertise, higher quality, and lower cost.
We scan at your facility so documents never leave your site. We have personnel and equipment ready to handle on-site projects of all sizes and our offices are conveniently located for on-site projects.

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